Are Creative Photographers Hoarders?

I have a little stash of things that might one day come in handy ~ my studio is home to a strange collection of items; a bit like the shop in the children’s TV series Bagpuss.  Like Emily I pick things up and think ‘I might use that one day’ and into the studio it goes.  I’ve collected some chainlink from the local DIY store, a birdcage, an hourglass, old books, ballet shoes, giant keys – to name just a few. The same goes for photographs with well  over 30 thousand in my collection so far.

Back in March I received a lovely bunch of flowers from a friend for my birthday so once they’d started to look a little tired they were moved into the studio and left in a corner.  Over the last 5 months they’ve dried out nicely and I was finally struck by a little inspiration.  I looked at my dried up faded flowers and the tulle I’d had sat in a bag in the corner for even longer and hey presto – another member of the Missing Series was born.

bride without a body with dried flowers - conceptual photography

Great Expectations

As I was editing I thought there was definitely a bit of a Miss Havisham vibe going on.  The image below with the wonderful Dickens quote from Great Expectations was the first image I created.  I wasn’t sure I would be able to totally remove the body having decided to photographe tulle fabric.  It was a steep learning curve but I was delighted to find out it was absolutely possible – with patience!

Miss Havisham by Kirsteen Titchener with extract from Dickens Great Expectations