Boscastle in Cornwall

There is a myth set in Boscastle in Cornwall that tells of witches selling the wind to sailors.  This wonderful tale is on my list of myths and legends to recreate.  I’ve never been to Boscatle and my only knowledge of it stems from the devastating floods of  2004 (CLICK HERE for images).  So my husband and I set off to explore Boscastle to give me a better idea in my mind’s eye of the harbour  and how I might work with it for the planning stages of the myths and legends image.  It was a sunny day so not ideal for photographs but as this was just a reference visit I took photos for a record for myself.  I was taken aback by how beautiful it was so sunny day with contrasty images or not I thought I’d share…

Boscastle Harbout in Cornwall

Boscastle in quieter days just before the summer holidays. Legend has it that witches used to sell the wind to sailors here in the form of knotted string or rope.

from boscastle harbour out to sea

Looking out from the harbour to sea







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