Creative and Composites – Photoshop

a bride placed among clouds using photoshop

Compositing and Creative Photoshop

This module has been specially designed for photographers who wish to develp their skills in compositing in order to create, well, whatever you can imagine. The amount covered will vary depending on your preference for a half or full day session.

Topics covered will be similar to the Advanced Techniques but focus on those particularly useful in compositing to ensure a seamless edit that is both photographic in style, often impossible yet utterly convincing.

  • advanced selections/masking
  • blending layers seamlessly
  • compositing essentials
    • colour matching
    • matching lighting patterns
    • perspective
    • shadows
  • working with large multilayered files (PSB’s)
  • advanced transform
  • soft proofing

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Half Day £150 | Full Day £280

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