Photoshop Training FAQ’s

Frequently asked questions about photoshop training sessions

Why work with Kirsteen?

I am an award winning photographic artist specialising in composited work using Adobe Photoshop. I have recieved international recognition for my artistic use of photoshop to create my imagery (you can see my full Bio here).

I started out using photoshop to edit pet portraiture and landscape pictures before falling in love with the process of creative work. I have a broad range of skills that I can share with you to help take your photoshop skills to the next level.

Kirsteen's work winning International Photographer of the Year 2017: Photomanipulation

The Missing Series was awarded 1st Place in the International Photographer of the Year 2017 in the Photomanipulation category.

Is this the right training for me?

I offer a variety of different packages to suit all abilities (click titles to view each option).



Creative & Compositing


All packages are one on one because this enables me to ensure that the time is geared exactly to each photographer. Everyone has a different history of using photoshop, takes photographs for a different reason, and has probably picked up different skills along the way so one size fits all may not be the best use of our time.

Session Lengths

I offer both half and full day sessions.

Think about what you need to get out of your training session.

For example, do you have a specific need to learn how to create an underwater look. Perhaps you want to get to grip with just a couple of adjustment layers or maybe advance your skills more broadly.

Following your enquiry I will follow up with a call to estimate the amount of time you will probably need to book for.

Group Sessions?

If you are interested in a group training session then please do get in touch. If there is a small group who want to learn similar things and all have access to a laptop/desktop/mac with access to adobe photoshop then small groups can work really well.


I am happy to travel throughout the South West up to the Bristol area. Travel over 20 miles from my home near Exeter will incur an additional charge.

Do I need an editing tablet?

This is personal preference. Personally I don’t think I could not do the edits that I do without my trusty Wacom (Intuos Pro) but I know several photographers who use their laptop track pads or a mouse to edit.

Workshop Booking Enquiry

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