Roche Rock

I set out yesterday under a thick blanket of cloud (great weather for photography if you don’t want too much contrast) to nosey around a few locations for a new art series I have in mind.  All the locations were in Cornwall and the trip was going to take in St Nun’s well near Pelynt, Dozmary pool on Bodmin moor and Roche Rock.

St Nun’s well didn’t go so well, we couldn’t find it.  Perhaps it is a location that has long since overgrown and been forgotten.  Possibly not? Do you know anything about the location of the well?  If so please let me know (Contact Form)

The second site was Dozmary pool on Bodmin moor.  This was more successful and we found the pool tucked behind the famous Jamaica Inn.  However, the pool turned out to be somewhat larger than I had imagined, more a lake than a pool and probably not any good for the creative image I had in mind. Roche Rock in Cornwall

Finally we headed to Roche Rock.  This little place was completely bonkers but stunning with it.  Unfortunately the sun was well and truly shining at this point which of course would normally be a delight but with taking photographs my mission for the day it wasn’t quite what I had hoped for.  I couldn’t resist taking some pictures anyway.  Its a great location and I will certainly be heading back this way in the future to create some more fine art based images.  I’ll post some more on the history of the building too and some of the legends attached.

the ladder leading up to the top of Roche Rock

The crazy ladder that gains you access to the building on the top of Roche Rock

However the view from the top was spectacular so well worth the climb.

view from the top of Roche Rock