Morveren, the Mermaid of Zennor

Recently I have become fascinated with Cornish myths and legends.  So much so that I have decided to dedicate a large amount of my work time over the next few months to making a series of fine art images depicting some of these myths and legends.  The mermaid of Zennor is one such myth that has really captured my imagination.  Legend has it that a beautiful lady with an unusually lovely voice would sometimes attend the church at Zennor although nobody knew who she was.  After a service the lady was followed by a local named Mathew Trewella as she made her way off towards the cliff.  He never returned to Zennor…

I am planning a visit to Zennor soon so there will be future posts about Zennor and it’s mermaid.

the Tale of Morveren

I cannot stay


with thanks to model Jen Brook

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