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Kirsteen Titchener

Sometimes a single image can make sense of things we struggle to express. Images can gently touch the viewer’s soul, silently connecting with inner feelings.

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About my techniques, where you can find me (art fairs & exhibitions), recent recognition and publications.

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Archival quality art prints presented on fine art paper (Hahnemühle). The Missing Series and the Floral Spheres collection.

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Photographic art inspired by human nature and the natural world

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Fairs, Exhibitions & Photography/Art Presentations

Coast to Coast Art Exhibition in Teignmouth
12th - 18th August, 2023
12th - 18th August, 2023
Teignmouth Arts Action Group

Coast to Coast

I'm delighted to be showing for the first time at TAAG in Teignmouth. THis brand new revamped space is ready to welcome art lovers once again. Find out more here
photmanipulation art piece featuring roses and clouds
9th - 24th September, 2023
9th - 24th September, 2023
The Torbay Guild of Artists


Torbay Guild of Artists exhibit with Artizan. In the heart of Torquay high street is Artizan's Fleet Walk gallery. Showcasing art works from the Torbay Guild of Artists to coincide with the Devon Open Studios event.
Fun Logo Kirsteen Titchener with birds
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You can find a lot more detail about current and past exhibitions, awards, recognition and publications in the About section of this website.